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Where do we operate and ship to?

Euphoria operate within the UK, located both in Bath and Essex. We ship GLOBALLY.


What is Euphoria's aim?

Euphoria aim to bring the feelings of Euphoria to our customer base through unique and frequently updated designs. 


Can we get involved or in touch with Euphoria?

Visit our PROMOTE page located in the header shoot us a email. 


Is Euphoria an Ethical Brand?

Yes! We aim to be donating a percentage of our profits to various charities as we progress as a brand as well as part taking in various events and fund raisers.


Will our 'Phases' or 'Collections' ever be restocked?

Our business model is that once a 'Phase' sells out, it will not be restocked or reproduced. This doesn't mean we won't bring back familiar designs in the future for new Phases. 


Returns and Exchanges?

Visit the Terms and Conditions page or Returns and Exchanges page within our footer. 


Where does Euphoria fit in fashion?

It fits where ever you perceive it to do so. 

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