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Euphoria Hills Drop 2

Euphoria Hills Drop 2 is available now.

Welcome back to Induced Euphoria Clo. Through this blog post we are going to walk you through the inspiration behind this drop and Euphoria Hills.

Euphoria Hills is Euphorias take on Hollywood Hills and LA. Being a famous and well covered location within the media and entertainment industry, there's no doubt it would pop up in one of our collections. Being known for fame, money, houses and parties, we wanted to create a version in the Euphoria Universe.

Euphoria Hills is a place of cosy, loose and casual fashion. Vibrant Colours, Unique Cars and Special Visuals. Our pallet so far has been unique, trying to use unique colours. Our clothes represent someone who cares about their appearance and fashion in a relaxed way. Our pieces are made for both genders and can be worn in multiple ways.

Our new tee, 'The Vintage Hollywood Tee' takes inspiration from classic cinema, incorporating poster credits printed across the back and a unique 'Euphoria Hills' advertisement across the front. This tee is versatile and can be worn in any way for any audience.

Lastly we have the NHS Relief Range. With the current pandemic at hand, we wanted to use our past history of donating to worthy causes and create some pieces for the NHS which can still be worn casually. The pieces don't scream 'NHS' meaning that its subtle. Only fans of Euphoria could know they're NHS Inspired Pieces. We wanted to create a range which represented the NHS and their hard work/ heroism whilst being something which looks like our main collection.

Our new collection is available now. We hope you're staying at home and safe during this time.

Speak Soon and Much Love

- Induced Euphoria

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