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Staying safe with Euphoria

At Euphoria, we have been working behind the scenes to stay active by planning and coordinating future releases. This has been made relevant with the most recent Hills drop #2 following the release of drop #1 back in March which conflicted with the sudden lockdown.

During the pandemic, we are pleased to state that we are taking extra precautions while organising and packing orders. Our team are designated to wear fresh disposable gloves and a mask for each separate day. We are also reducing the amount of unnecessary handling of goods and items to ensure we are only dealing with what is required. Our practice has enabled us to operate while our suppliers have opened back up to provide assorted garments.

Today, we are here to happily announce a new product arriving at Euphoria shops - Euphoria masks. These are half faced masks which are curved around the nose and provide slits on each side, both to provide tight and effective cover while providing comfort over the chosen material.

Of course we wouldn't just provide any ordinary mask. We're making masks to last; for the long-haul. That's why we've carefully crafted a relevant Euphoria design on the front so you can stay safe in style.

If you're feeling this one as we are, this will be available in store on our website. Next time you're distancing with friends, family, or just out in public, you can represent Euphoria in sleek looking face masks.

Stay safe out there.

- The Induced Euphoria Clo Team

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