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The loss of Graham Ward

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

As some of you may know, from social posts and news, Induced Euphoria lost its Co-Founder, Graham Ward, on Saturday the 9th of November to a rare form of Meningitis, known as Meningococcal.

Graham was a huge part of Euphoria, having influence on each piece released and each collection. We are all deeply saddened by this loss. He was also a registered organ donor here in the UK and has saved 6 lives since his passing which is incredible.

We as a brand have initiated a collaboration with charity, Meningitis Now, to raise money in Grahams name. This will be done through a collection released this month to commemorate Graham, and raise awareness of the tragic illness which took his life.

We will be releasing two sweatshirts, featuring relevant designs to Graham, Euphoria and Meningitis Now. All profits WILL be given to the charity in honour of Graham.

If you wish to help raise money, we will be announcing the collections release soon, with hope of many looking to help make donations through purchases. We want to create a legacy left my Graham and will need your help.

For more information about Meningitis, please visit

Our posts last week were shared upwards of 400 times and have reached over 30,000 people. A purchase from just 10% of that reach can have massive results. Let's make a difference.

We will be releasing more blog posts on Graham in the coming days.

- Sincerely, The Induced Euphoria Team.

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