These Sweatshirts have been released in honour of our recently passed Co-Founder, Graham Ward. Graham was taken due to a case of MenB Meningitis and was sadly taken on the 9th of November 2019. In collaboration with charity Meningitis Now, Induced Euphoria release these sweatshirts with PROFITS being donated to the charity. 


Sporting the charities colours and traditional euphoria branding in a subtle but attractive manner, Grahams initials, ‘GW’, can be found stitched above the left cuff. An iconic and proud piece to add to the Euphoria Collection. This year the GW is accompanied with 6 stars to represent the amount of lives Grahams donated organs saved.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. This is due to a made to order business model which allows for a higher amount of donations to be received. Shipping and orders will be fulfilled once fundraising has concluded. This also helps maximise our donation. 


Each order can really help make a difference. 

GW Collection - Orange 6 Stars Sweatshirt